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Podcast Update: Local Man Purchases Zelda, Disappears For Weeks

HELLO! I’m here. I promise.

It’s been a heck of a March for a few reasons, and here they are:

  1. I purchased a Nintendo Switch and fell of the face of the planet, getting completely lost in Hyrule. If anyone can forgive me for my disappearance and understand the plight of the time-strapped gamer, hopefully it’s this wonderful audience.
  2. I’m still holding down a few jobs. Teaching ends at the end of this month, which should really free up some time for podcasting.
  3. Happy to announce that the Tate family is adding another member. 🙂 We’ll have a new little gamer added to our crew in September. (While that hasn’t limited my ability to podcast yet, I’ve certainly been helping out more around the house the past few weeks.)

So, excuses…excuses…

I’m sorry. I have a plan to get some new episodes in the hopper. I thank you for your patience, and hope you come back to hang as we release some content regarding the Switch and get back into our traditional Nintendo Power episodes.


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