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When will someone finally release a new… ?

Welcome back to the Power Time Question of the Week!

It’s simple. I ask a question. You shoot me a quick answer. I share some answers next week and ask a new question. Rinse. Repeat!

This past week’s question this week: What’s your  favorite song or musical theme from any game on a Nintendo console?

So many great answers submitted, thank you! I took some time to put together a collection of tracks based on your picks. Hope you dig it.

This week’s question is a fill-in-the-blank… “When will someone finally release a new _______!”

Simply comment on the post below (or here if you’re reading the podcast show notes.) Or you can email me directly:

Looking forward to hearing from you!

If any fans of the show want to hop on a quick 10-minute Skype call to share feedback or ideas for future episodes, just use the contact form link below! Thank you for listening!

The intro/outro music in this episode is by Azure Flux, and used with permission. 🙂

I used some fantastic music in this episode. Please support these artists:

The Mountain Chiefs – Rygar (Bandcamp)
Lame Genie – Dave’s Theme from Maniac Mansion (Bandcamp)
The Advantage – Batman, Stage 1 (Bandcamp)
Mega Ran and K-Murdock – The Ruler’s Back (Bandcamp)

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