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Super Mario Bros. 3 – Nintendo Power (Mar/Apr 1990) – PTP011

The biggest release of the year! In the March/April 1990 issue, we’re covering Nintendo Power’s feature on Super Mario Bros. 3, the most anticipated NES release of the year, maybe even for the life of the console. The fun doesn’t stop there. We also get a sneak preview hot game paks covered at Winter CES 1990, like Final Fantasy. Listen below!

Nintendo Power Issue 11 Super Mario Bros 3

Here’s what’s inside…

  • Check out the iconic cover of Nintendo Power 11, featuring Super Mario Bros. 3.
  • Dial back in time and hear some of the tips and tricks to best the stages in World 1.
  • Hear more about the history and development of Mario 3.
  • Listen for your opportunity to participate in a future episode of Power Time.
  • Gear up for the impending release of Final Fantasy.
  • Dig into the retro awesomeness of 1990 with a Dragon Warrior text adventure, and a Game Counselor profile.
  • …and much much more

A few games mentioned…

  • Super Mario Bros. 3
  • Silent Service
  • Pinbot
  • 720 Degrees
  • A Boy and his Blob
  • Wrath of the Black Manta
  • Astyanax
  • Final Fantasy
  • Code Name: Viper
  • Super C
  • Dragon Warrior

Top 10 Games (as ranked in the NES 30)…

  1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  2. Mega Man II
  3. Super Mario Bros. 2
  4. Zelda II – The Adventure of Link
  5. Dragon Warrior
  6. The Legend of Zelda
  7. Super Mario Bros. 3
  8. Ninja Gaiden
  9. DuckTales
  10. Tecmo Bowl

Songs featured in this episode…

Azureflux – Eat My Chips (Bandcamp)
Entertainment System* – Ba Dop-A-Doop (Bandcamp)
Minibosses – Super Mario Bros. 3 (Bandcamp)
The Advantage – Final Fantasy (Bandcamp)

Entertainment System is now [Explosion Sound].

Articles/Links referenced in this episode…

The Making (And Legacy) of Super Mario Bros. 3 by Alyse Knorr (Link)
Super Mario Bros. 3 – Wikipedia (Link)
Super Mario Bros. 3 (Boss Fight Books) by Alyse Knorr (Link)

Power Time DLC

Check out these videos for Super Mario Bros. 3!

In our next adventure…

Final Fantasy
Burai Fighter
Super C!
and much more!

Read this Nintendo Power issue…

The great community over at RetroMags is preserving Nintendo Power, along with countless other publications from our past. You can sign up for an account and read Nintendo Power Issue 11.

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