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Four Player Extra – Nintendo Power 19 (Fall 1990) – PTP019

Four-player action! Tap into the NES Fourscore or Satellite, fire up a compatible game like NES Play Action Football and get ready for retro gaming session with your three best friends. In Nintendo Power Volume 19, dig into some of the top tips, tactics, and strategies to make the most out of multiplayer games. In this episode, we also share some awesome NES memories from the Nintendo community. Check out it below!

Nintendo Power Issue 18 Dr. Mario

A few games mentioned…

  • NES Play Action Football
  • Gauntlet II
  • Nintendo World Cup
  • Swords and Serpents
  • Super Spike V’Ball
  • Ivan Ironman Stewart’s Super Off Road

Songs featured in this episode…

Azureflux – Eat My Chips (Bandcamp)
Double Dragon II: Mission 5 – The Advantage (Bandcamp)

In our next adventure…

The Summer of Streaming!

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The great community over at RetroMags is preserving Nintendo Power, along with countless other publications from our past. You can sign up for an account and read Nintendo Power Issue 19.

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