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DuckTales – Nintendo Power Volume 8 (Sept/Oct 1989)

A woo hoo! In Volume #8 of Nintendo Power, the September/October 1989 issue, we’re going on a treasure hunt with the iconic mallard Scrooge McDuck in DuckTales, a masterful title from Disney and Capcom. Not only will we get a good glimpse of the game and a hefty dose of strategy and tactics, but we’ll also look at a few other 1989 classics, like Dragon Warrior, Roger Rabbit, and Fester’s Quest. There’s also a nice section in this issue formally debuting a little thing called GameBoy. Check it out!

Nintendo Power Issue 08 Ducktales

Here’s what’s inside…

  • A look at our featured game, the cover story, DuckTales
  • A few of my favorite musical tributes to DuckTales music
  • Reviews and memorable moments from classics like Dragon Warrior, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
  • Kick off the launch of the Gameboy with an in-depth review
  • Preview Willow, River City Ransom, Batman, and NES Play Action Football
  • Check out one of Saturday morning’s greatest band of heroes, with Captain N!
  • …and much much more

A few games mentioned…

  • DuckTales
  • Dragon Warrior
  • Hoops
  • Fester’s Quest
  • Roger Rabbit
  • Willow
  • River City Ransom
  • Batman
  • NES Play Action Football!
  • Bad Street Brawler

Top 10 Games (as ranked in the NES 30)…

  1. Zelda II – The Adventure of Link
  2. Super Mario Bros. 2
  3. Ninja Gaiden
  4. The Legend of Zelda
  5. Blaster Master
  6. Castlevania II– Simon’s Quest
  7. Legacy of the Wizard
  8. Bionic Commando
  9. Guardian Legend
  10. Metroid

Songs featured in this episode…

Azureflux – Eat My Chips (Bandcamp)
WiiGuy – The DuckTales Theme (YouTube)
The OneUps – The Hardest Working Duck in Show Business (YouTube)
The Advantage – The Moon Theme (Duck Tales) (Bandcamp)
The OneUps – The African Mines theme (Duck Tales) (Bandcamp)
The Advantage – Willow (Live) (Bandcamp)

Articles/Links referenced in this episode…

Hardcore Gaming 101 feature by Michael Ayala (Link)
Like a hurricane: A DuckTales timeline (Link)
DuckTales – Wikipedia (Link)
DuckTales – GiantBomb (Link)
Classically Trained (Link)
Mariachi Entertainment System (Link)
Year 200X (Link)

Power Time DLC

Check out these videos for DuckTales, including WayForward’s way awesome remake!

In our next adventure…

Dragon Warrior
Silent Service
…and much more!

Read this Nintendo Power issue…

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