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SNES Classic Giveaway!

Welcome to Power Time Podcast– an audio journey through the history of Nintendo, one issue of Nintendo Power at a time.

I’m getting ready to kick off Season 2 of the show on October 19th, celebrating each issue from 1991, when the Super Nintendo was debuted alongside an increasingly popular Nintendo Entertainment System.

What better way to celebrate than to give away one of the newly released SNES Classic mini consoles! These are amazing, and a fantastic way to revisit the classic games from your youth. You can earn up to 5 optional entries.

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Note: Due to shipping/legal terms and conditions, this contest is open only to residents in the United States and Canada. (Sorry if that’s not you!)

  • Erik Peabody

    Favorite SNES game? Either Super Castlevania IV or Super Metroid. Vanilla answers, certainly, but you can’t mess with greatness!

  • JessicaAnnBooks

    I don’t have a favorite yet! Hoping to find one, but I’m always down for the classic Mario games!

  • Angiulo

    I never owned an SNES however, I have played one before and some of their games on a different system but I would have to say it is Super Metroid.

  • Zachary Taylor

    The SNES is my favorite console of all time, and I had so much running playing games like Donkey Kong Country, Turtles in Time, and Legend of the Mystical Ninja with my sister and Cousins. But my favorite of all time is Chrono Trigger. I resisted it throughout my childhood because I used to think RPGs were boring, but after playing it in my early 20s I don’t think any other game comes close to how happy it makes me.

    Thanks for putting this contest on Tom! And congrats to whomever is deemed the lucky winner!

  • I love Chrono Trigger! But I’d be psyched to play the Zelda game on the SNES classic

  • Steve De Sousa

    Super Mario World is the best, second best would be Zelda!

  • Tim De Bree

    My favorite SNES game was probably WWF Royal Rumble. I’d play that for hours with my friend. I’d sleep over his house in the summer, and we’d play all night.

  • Shana

    Chrono Trigger was a good one, but so was Final Fantasy 4!

  • Mrtomaytohead

    My favorite SNES game would be The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past. A few others come in close, but I’ve played that game so many time and different ways, I can’t even count them.

  • Kayley

    Chrono Trigger for sure!

  • Rob Lindley

    Has to be EarthBound for me. Such a deep, fun RPG


    Donkey Kong 🙂

  • Josh Kraus


  • Outrun1986

    My favorite SNES game is Earthbound.

  • mrseanbailey

    listening to the first podcast right now. fun stuff.

  • David O Steele

    My favorite snes game was “lost Vikings”

  • Dustin

    Clearly, the best SNES game is Super Mario World. My favorite is Final Fantasy VI. But I also love Sunset Riders, Donkey Kong Country, and Link to the Past.

  • Joel Sharpton


  • Joe Tate

    super ghouls ‘n ghosts! I still need to beat this sucker tho.

  • The Whiskey Dictionary

    Hey man! I’ve been enjoying the podcast!

    My favorite game on SNES is Breath of Fire 2. It was discontinued pretty quick and it took me over 10 years to find it used in a store… but I bought it and I beat it.

  • Noah Donmoyer

    I really like starfox and i want to play the game starfox 2!

  • Melissa

    Mario Bros!!!!

  • Kayla Klontz

    I love Zelda and Super Mario Brothers!

  • Anny Banouvong

    I love Super Mario😍

  • Michelle Catallo

    I am a huge Zelda nerd; from original to now

  • Super Joe Pardo

    Mystical Ninja

  • PattiAnn Green

    Super Mario by far! My best friend and I used to play for hours!!

  • Deb Charte

    Super Mario was our favorite

  • Balexa622

    I used to love playing Uniracers for hours on end!! A lot of people don’t remember this game but it was awesome!

  • John Bernardo

    Tmnt turtles in time. By far the most played game on SNES for me!

  • Samantha Martin

    I of course love and still love and miss the original mario games 🙂 Mario 1,2,3 !!

  • Jenny Ham

    I like Donkey Kong

  • Mary benack

    I love donkey komg


    I love Super Mario Brothers!

  • Tracy Shafer

    Any Mario!!

  • Virginia Hildreth

    Hands down I would have to say Zelda 😍

  • Amber Bourland

    Zelda and Tetris. Good luck, all!

  • kelly woods

    Super Mario Brothers for sure- thank you, would love to win!

  • Tiffany Greene

    My favorite Super Nintendo game is Super Mario World or Yoshi’s Island!

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